Tips to Get Your Kids to Brush

Many parents, even Dr. Love, struggle to keep their children’s mouths and teeth clean. “I’m not just a dentist, I’m their dad, so I know how important it is for me to help them establish good habits early on”

Below are a few tips to keep your kids on track:

Establish a Fun Family Routine

If they see you brush before bed and before you leave the house each morning, they will notice. Younger children love to imitate, so take advantage of this time!

Making brushing a family affair also helps you keep an eye out for healthy habits. Let them take the lead by placing the tooth paste on the brush, filling their cup to rinse, and placing the tooth brush back in it’s holder. They will feel like they are in charge of the process, rather than feeling like another chore.

Big Kids, Bigger Challenges

While your children are still at home, check in on their brushing and talk to them about healthy eating, especially when it comes to sugary drinks. After they leave the nest, encourage good dental habits through care packages with toothbrushes, toothpaste or interdental cleaners like floss. And when they’re home on break, make sure they make an appointment with Dr. Love for regular checkups.

Play Detective

Check to see if their tooth brush is wet or smell their breath. It may sound gross, but ask that they smell their floss. If it smells bad, you can remind them that is how bad their breath smells. It should encourage more flossing!

Don’t Give Up

If getting your child to just stand at the sink for two minutes feels like its own accomplishment, you’re not alone! Eventually, brushing will become pleasurable like it is as an adult.

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