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Does It Matter What Kind of Toothpaste I Buy?

We’ve all been there – you’re walking down the aisle of dental health care products and you simply grab the first toothpaste you see, or maybe you go for whatever’s on sale. Either way, have you ever given the type of toothpaste much thought? Dental experts say you should!

While the basic point is to clean and remove all unwanted bacteria and plaque build up from the tooth’s enamel, different types of toothpaste’s may be ideal for each patient’s unique oral makeup. Read on to learn more about the types of toothpastes and why you should pay attention to what you purchase.

FDA or ADA Approval

The most important thing you’ll want to look for on your toothpaste bottle is the endorsement label. The American Dental Association (ADA) offers a number of tests and requirements that must be passed in order to obtain an ADA Seal of Acceptance. This means you can be sure your toothpaste has met the strict guidelines set by the ADA and will be safe for you and your family to use. The same goes for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and their strict testing bylaws.

Types of Paste

Do you have sensitive teeth? Would you like to see whiter teeth from brushing? Are you treated excessive tartar or plaque? These are all factors that should be considered prior to choosing toothpaste. It’s understandable that making the appropriate decision can be tricky, which is why Dr. Love is here to help.


Fluoride Toothpaste

Fluoride is an excellent addition to toothpastes, as it helps protect your teeth from decay. If you have no special expectations from your toothpaste or are taking medications that affect your ability to produce saliva, a fluoride toothpaste may be ideal.

Tartar Control

Getting plaque off and keeping it off is an important part of everyday oral health care. When it hardens into tartar on the teeth, more direct measure will need to be taken to remove it. A deep cleaning with your dentist in combination with a daily oral care regimen with a tartar control toothbrush can help prevent decay and bacterial buildup.

Whitening Toothpaste

A pearly white smile can leave a lasting impression, and in between regular teeth cleanings and scheduled whitening services, you can utilize a toothpaste with additional whitening features. Most over the counter whitening toothpastes include a minor whitening agent, which is not recommended for patients who need to restore the color to their teeth due to excessive staining. Talk to your dentist about your interest in whitening toothpastes or mouthwash. Dr. Love always recommends products based on each patient’s individual needs.

For Sensitive Teeth

Depending of the cause of sensitive teeth, a specially formulated toothpaste may be the solution for you. Sensitive teeth can cause pain, discomfort, and trouble with a number of tasks, like eating and talking. Using desensitizing toothpaste can help block your nerve endings, which can relieve any sharp pains or sensitivity to cold or hot foods or liquids.

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